Frequently Asked Questions

This section is intended to answer common questions related to Sleep Frequency and our platform. If you're unable to find an answer to your question please e-mail us here.

Questions Related To The General Platform

How can we contact an administrator of SleepFrequency.com

You can contact an administrator by e-mailing us here.

What audio formats are supported on the platform?

The audio formats allowed for upload are mp3, m4a, and mp4. Use of other audio formats are not supported.

What are the current file size limits for Pro and Standard users?

Pro users have a 100mb limit and Standard users have 50mb limit.

What is the total audio space I am allowed for my account?

Pro users are permitted 10gb per account and Standard users are permitted 1gb per account.

What dimensions should I use for my audio thumbnail?

Thumbnails are based on a simple square format, the minimun dimensions are 112px by 112px and the maximum dimensions are 2000px by 2000px.